"This diaper cream is smooth like butter and I love all the Ingredients in it. My baby had had no issues with it either. I highly recommend this diaper cream!! "

Amazon Customer

"Such a simple, easy, and effective was to keep my grandsons lower half healthy and clean. Biggest bang for your buck out there. Ordered one for Grandpa's house too."

Jeff Fay, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I purchased two Little Bubs Diaper Brush & Cream for Christmas gifts for two young mothers in my family. Here’s my feedback: 1) I give 5 stars for the product as the product description is a perfect fit for the little sensitive bottoms that never stay in one place for my family next generation. 2) As these were Christmas gifts, I am extremely displeased with Amazon packaging. They were boxed in a box 2 times the length of the product with no bubble anything. We know how packages travel and toss around. If they could talk I would hear of all the bruises and aches which caused the package to appear smashed. Amazon you can do better shipping businesses products please!"

Karen Thomas, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"Genius! A diaper cream and brush system in one. I bought it for my granddaughter. It goes on smooth with no mess. Love that it’s quick and easy."

JJ Elliott, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I just bought this for a friend’s new grandchild! One less thing for the new parents to concern themselves with, and the ingredients look effective and soothing to prevent or treat diaper rash! "

Susan Kaufmann, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I absolutely love this! The cream is super gentle and easy to work with—especially with the applicator brush that comes with it. I’ll be adding this to my Christmas shopping list for friends and family with kids."

Kayleigh, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I had my friend Micki order this product for me and it's great! Easy to use and quite ingenious to have a brush application for the cream. I highly recommend this product for all li'l bubs!!"

Micki Pappas, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"Our little one had a bit of a Bum rash. The mild cream was so
nice and did not get all over the place like others we have tried
Absolutely love the formula it has helped so much in between changes. We
are big fans of Little Bubs!"

Celeste Gleave, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I gifted this cream to a good friend that recently had a baby
girl and she LOVES IT!!!She especially loves the applicator brush
included! Will be purchasing again for other soon -to- be parents!"

Janine H., Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I really love this product for my baby’s diaper rash and other skin irritations. I really like the brush feature for clean application and delivery was nice and fast. Definitely would recommend for future purchases. "

Cassandra, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I recently used this cream on my bubs & was very pleased with the results. It was so easy tk apply using the cute brush applicator and absorbed quickly into the skin. It left a light, pleasant scent that
wasn't overpowering or overwhelming. The cream provided a great barrier
between my baby's skin and the diaper, helping to keep moisture out and protect from diaper rash.Overall, I'm very pleased with this product & would recommend it to other parents. It's safe, natural,
and effective. 👍✨👍✨"

Skye.J, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"The cream and the applicator is a game changer.No more creams on my finger and under my nails! The push button opens easily and applying the cream is a breeze.A great Aussie invention! Love this product. Will purchase again!"

Amazon Verified Purchaser

"A great nappy change cream. The brush applicator is genius. Taking this soothing cream to Day Care ensures an easy, effective and respectful way for Educators to apply the cream onto my little one's bottom. I highly recommend this product."

Santina, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I just love this product. No cream under my fingernails anymore! It’s easy to use and much more hygienic than using your fingers."

Wendy, 8 month old son

"I love the ease of using this product. The flip-top lid and the brush makes it so easy to apply the cream. I’m using it with every diaper change to protect my daughter’s skin."

Victoria, 4 month old daughter

"This is so novel. The brush is so soft on my daughter’s skin. It really is one handed and even my husband loves it."

Lauren, 18 month old daughter

"We all love using this product. Now my husband and older children don’t mind helping with diaper changes. No more cream on your hands!”

Beverly, 5 month old daughter

"We used Little Bubs Diaper Brush & Cream at the child care center where I work. Each little bub had their own individual brush and cream which was really handy. It was an easy, effective and respectful way to apply their diaper cream. I highly recommend this product!"

Santina (Manager of a Daycare center for infants)

"I sure wish I had this product when I had my other children. Definitely the only way to apply diaper cream."